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Raincoat Bristol


amiplay Bristol raincoats will secure Your dog from rain and humidity all year round. During winter You can put them on other clothing and in summer time can be worn alone. Bristol raincoats are made of high quality waterproof material. Velcro naps under the belly and chest ensure perfect fit. Thanks to a hole on the back, attaching the leash to a harness is not a problem.

Tested by experts
Made in Poland


23 cm - Chihuahua
23 [g] x 22-34 [b] x 26-42 [d] cm
27 cm - Yorkshire Terrier
27 [g] x 24-36 [b] x 28-48 [d] cm
32 cm - Maltese
32 [g] x 26-40 [b] x 32-57 [d] cm
38 cm - Miniature Schnauzer
38 [g] x 30-46 [b] x 36-66 [d] cm
48 cm - Beagle
48 [g] x 36-56 [b] x 42-77 [d] cm
58 cm - Cocker Spaniel
58 [g] x 46-66 [b] x 48-88 [d] cm