Product characteristics

Tested by experts

All amiplay products have been tested in various conditions by the dog owners, professional breeders and vets. We cooperate with various dog show organizers and our products are very often a prize for the winners.

3 year warranty

3 year warranty covers all elements of production process like metal fixtures, tape seams and tapes.


Products are made of ecological soft cotton tape. Resilient and durable, it does not cause chafing to the dog or abrasions to pet owners hand.


The products with this sign help to see the pet as well as the owner from a long distance in poor visibility.


Products are easy to clean.

Sure grip

Products have a soft rubber embedded in the tape, this helps with better grip and stops the leash from slipping out of the hand.


Products are made of natural, non- toxic rubber. It is very elastic and durable.

Floating Toy

These products float, you can see them from the shore, and it is easier for the dog to fetch the toy from the water.


Products are made of unique, selected high quality fabrics.

Made in Poland

Products are fully manufactured in European Union