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Dog Boots Bristol

Dog Boots

Bristol Dog Boots. The boots are made with the latest waterproof technology. The boots ensure safety for your dog in every situation. In winter the boots protect the paws from the salt and in summer they protect them from the hot surface. The boots have a velcro fastening which helps with putting them on and taking them off as well as it ensures proper fit. Inside the boot there is a soft fleece for even more comfort.

Tested by experts
Made in Poland


XXS - Yorkshire Terrier
5 [x] x 5 [y] x 8 [h] cm
XS - Dachshund
5 [x] x 6 [y] x 9 [h] cm
S - Fox Terrier
6 [x] x 6 [y] x 10 [h] cm
M - Cocker Spaniel
6 [x] x 7 [y] x 10 [h] cm
L - Labrador
7 [x] x 7 [y] x 11 [h] cm
XL - Rottweiler
7 [x] x 8 [y] x 12 [h] cm
XXL - Great Dane
8 [x] x 8 [y] x 12 [h] cm