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Transport Box New York

Transport Box

NEW YORK is a collection of stylish transport boxes for small breeds. The boxes are available in three classic colours. Top and side parts of the transport box are made of soft, quilted faux leather. Front and back are made of airy leather mesh that allows air circulation and allows the dog to see what is going on during the trip. The bottom of the box is made of waterproof material, and it has metal feet. The box opens with a zip that helps to open the box in a way that is completely flat for easy and transport. The transport box can be carried by a handle or an adjustable stripe on a shoulder. If needed, the box can also be attached to the handle of your suitcase, it must be done in a vertical position.

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Made in Poland


42 [x] x 26 [y] x 26 [h] cm
45 [x] x 29 [y] x 28 [h] cm