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Halter Basic


The Basic series products are made of a basic polypropylene strap. This material is highly mechanically durable while preserving its elastic properties. The strap has been tested in terms of not causing irritation to the dog’s skin over a long time. The Basic series products are dedicated to all breeds.

The Halter is a form of headcollar put around the muzzle and the neck. It is a training accessory that helps to correct dogs who tend to tug, pull on or stray suddenly from the path. It does not apply direct pressure or brute force but uses the dogs natural desire to follow the direction of eyesight. It does not restrain the dog in any way but helps the owner to communicate with the dog and correct unwanted behaviours when necessary. The top part of the Halter covering the muzzle is lined with high quality foam this allows the halter not to cause irritation to the dogs skin.

Tested by experts
3 year warranty
Made in Poland


XS - Yorkshire Terrier
10-18 [a] x 19-25 [b] x 1,5 cm
S - Fox Terrier
13-26 [a] x 25-41 [b] x 2 cm
M - Cocker Spaniel
17-32 [a] x 39-50 [b] x 2 cm
L - Labrador
20-37 [a] x 45-60 [b] x 2 cm
XL - Rottweiler
24-45 [a] x 50-65 [b] x 2 cm
XXL - Great Dane
26-50 [a] x 56-75 [b] x 2 cm