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T-shirt Oxford


A short sleeved polo shirt OXFORD is an elegant spring- summer collection for small dogs available in 4 sizes and 3 colours. The sign A AMIPLAY UNIVERSITY 2002 is embroidered into the right corner of the t-shirt and it refers to the timeless character of the brand and its products.

Tested by experts
Made in Poland


25 cm - Chihuahua
25 [g] x 29 [b] x 42 [d] cm
30 cm - Yorkshire Terrier
30 [g] x 32 [b] x 46 [d] cm
35 cm - Maltese
35 [g] x 36 [b] x 52 [d] cm
40 cm - Miniature Schnauzer
40 [g] x 40 [b] x 58 [d] cm