The advantages of our products:

• attractive design – All of the products in all of the series are available in a wide range of patterns an colours. This allows a better fitting selection of goods for your pet;

• the comfort of use – to manufacture our products we use only the finest, high quality materials, Our goods are available in sizes fitting all dog breeds no matter how big or small;

• safety – Collars, leads, and harnesses are manufactured out of tapes of the highest quality, not causing irritation to the skin. The halters and muzzles in addition are layered with a soft foam;

• durability – In the production process we use strengthened threads, and the plastic buckles are elastic and frost resistant;

• quality – All of our products are manufactured in our factory in Czestochowa. Quality control is ensured by a system of markings on every single product with an individual production number;



These stamps are a symbolic presentation of the most important features and properties of the series for which they were used. These are not all of the properties of the mentioned product but only a selection of those, to which we would like to direct Your attention.


Three year warranty covers all production process faults. That is metal elements, stitching and the tapes themselves.

Products marked with this label are designed to help see both the dog and the owner from a distance in poor visibility conditions.

Products manufactured out of natural, non toxic caoutchouc. Very bouncy with high durability.

Products made out of environment friendly, soft cotton tape. Tough and durable in the meantime soft and easy on both the dog and the owners hands.

Products float on water, this makes them more visible from shore, and therefore allow easier fetching from the water during playtime.

Sure Grip – the products have stripes of soft rubber woven in to the basetape, this ensures the grip and helps control the dog better.

Products manufactured entierly in the EU.

Products that help keeping cleanness.

Premium – Product made of unique selec on of high quality materials.

These products have been diversely and thoroughly tested in varied conditions by veterinarians and breeders on multiple occasions.


* According to our policy of continuous improvement, the end products may slightly differ from those shown on the photos. The colours of the products in the catalogue may also appear different then in real life.